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Can I have a romantic future with my friend with benefits?

I have known this guy for a year now just as a friend. Back in march we decided to be friends with benefits. I want more but don't think he does and I am scared if I ask him what he wants I will lose him all together. So my question to you is what do you see between us staying just friends and at one point it stopping and we go on in life or it becoming a relationship and when you see either coming about?

My long term boyfriend broke up with me, but still wants to hang out

I get a lot of email about ex's who still want to be friends and the confusion it causes in my free psychic question email.


My ex who I was with for three years broke up with me three months ago, but he is always wanting to hang out with me. Why? Is he wanting to get back together?


Love as an action

I like the concept of love as an action. Anyone can feel, but to show and express love in small ways is the best way to become successful in love.
Showing love in the simple art of expressing appreciation when another does something considerate, is a big part of maintaining a healthy relationship. It is my belief that the greatest desire of any human being is to be appreciated.
I feel that love as a action is to understand that no one is perfect and forgive the small flaws we all have while paying attention to the positive side of another.
We all have issues, but love is focusing on the good and kindly ignoring the shortcomings that may never change. Even loving one because of their shortcomings as something that makes one endearing.
Love as an action is cooking that extra special meal. It is giving your love space when he has had a hard day and needs it.

He was really into me and then he just pulled away

I get a lot of questions about men who chase a girl and then pull away once he has her, in my free psychic question email. Here is the question and my response;

I was with this guy who chased my like crazy, He called and texed me every day. He was jelaous of every guy I talked to, he even talked of marriage. Then once I was comfortable in the relationship, he suddenly pulled back. He said he needs his space. What happened?

We broke up over his cheating now I want him back

I get some complicated subjects in my free psychic questions emails.
This one was worth a serious look and a serious answer in her free psychic reading.

My ex fiance and I have been on and off for 8 years.
I need to know if we going to get back together. We were going to be married,happy and raise our baby together.

Then he cheated on me and has been violent and now he is gone,I am pregnant now with his kid.

What do I do to make things better?

OK, first of all I can never condone his behavior. Violence is never acceptable. cheating is an issue that is often chronic and compulsive. He can love you and still cheat.
Some men never stop cheating no matter how much they love their wives.
However, if you are willing to live with these issues then here is what I recommend.

He is going through a rough time and asked for his space

What I would like to ask in my free psychic reading question is, I need advice on what is the best thing to do in a situation with a guy. I am not to sure if I should walk away from him, or stick around and help him through this bad time and see what will happen between us. We were together, then he wanted to just be friends and now he has asked for his space. Not to sure if I should just walk away now

My boyfriend keeps distancing himself from me

I want to know if my boyfriend will ask me to marry him. He would always talk about getting married one day .He would always be the one that would talk about our future how I'm the one for him & I'm the best that ever happened to him .Me & him been through a lot he put me through a lot he broke up with me at one point but he came back saying he's a changed man & he doesn't want anyone but me . I truly believe me & him are meant for each other I truly believe he never felt so happy with anyone else. He might not say it But I feel it. There were times he would open up his feelings but then he would be distant again. I love him & I know he's my soul mate & i know he knows it as well. We are meant for each other . But right now he's being unfair being distant again & I'm truly worried because I don't want to go back to that place again .He's the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with .


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