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Spirits mediumship and communicating with the departed

Spirits, mediumship, and communicating with the departed

If you have been following anything I have written, you will be aware that I do not follow the teachings of any religion, but choose to only believe in what I perceive with my own senses.. That being said, I will tell you that there is something of us that continues on after our bodies not longer function and that ghosts and spirits do exist. I will make an attempt to explain this in the following articles as I have had more than a few experience with those who have passed on and each one is unique.. ------------------------------ Once a spirit has left a body that is not longer functioning, they often try to find a way to communicate with those on this side. The problem is that they are new at it and as they no longer have the body as a vehicle in this world, it is not easy for them. Just as anyone who has to learn a new thing form the beginning, it can be quite challenging and some give up.

Do animals have souls?

Yes, they do, but they are more in tune with nature than we humans and tend to go back into the cosmic "soup" of nature rather than attempt to return to the physical world to communicate as human spirits do. Everything, people, animals, plants, fish are all connected through the life force and all recirculate into it but at different times and different ways.

Spirits of humans are often still connected to loved ones in the physical realm and attempt to reconnect. Animals are sometimes connected to humans and do try to reconnect, but they do not have the same ability to communicate just as they did not have speech in life. But often they do check in on us. Particularly the pack or social animals. The issue is that their owners often don't know how to listen to them, so it is more difficult to connect with an animal spirit. But sometimes you will get a message from them in a very personal way.

If you fear that you are being followed by demons or negative entities

I do get email from a few people who feel they are being harassed by negative spirits. They ask me how to get rid of them. So here is what the issue is, why you are attracting them and how to remove them.

If you are attracting these entities it is because you are psychic and far to open. This means that you must learn to control the energy around you so that you are not being influenced by these things or attracting them. You can make them go away and still be psychic and open to receive psychic impressions but you must learn how to close yourself off to anything you don't want to come in to your mental space.

Why it is difficult for departed loved ones to communicate with the living?

Losing a loved one is always difficult. It may not be much consolation to yo but it is a natural part of life. I have lost both my parents, one in early childhood, and it leaves a an empty space in your life that one never completely gets over. The hard part is that your emotions, your sadness, clouds over your being able to sense when they are with you, watching over you.
We are trapped in this physical realm and they are in a place where there is more freedom. Freedom from pain. they are able to see many things, but they are also in a place where the laws of physics, time , space, energy and matter do not apply. They are not able to physically let you know they are with you.
You must be able to free yourself from pain and clear your mind in able to receive their messages to you.
You must let go and allow your instincts to lead you.

How do I protect myself from negative spirits?

People are asking me a lot of questions about how to protect themselves from negative spirits in my free psychic readings.

Any natural psychic is going to attract a spirit from time to time. Most are benign and just want someone in this world who can hear them. But they can be annoying and occasionally we get one we would rather not deal with. It is quite easy to make them go away but not many people know how. I have gotten this question so many times in my free psychic question email, that I have decided to give you the exact process of protecting yourself from spirits here.

I sense that spirits are trying to communicate with me.

People are always asking me about messages from spirits in my free psychic reading email that I decided to explain to them why these spirits attempt to communicate.

It is not so much the message, as they just want to communicate.
They tend to choose some one who was close to them in life, or is a blood relative who may be psychically open. You may want to pay attention to your dreams and learn to relax and use some of the meditation techniques on my site to help you become more open to them.

Spirits who lived in this world ( the physical realm) still have a connection to and hence an interest in, this world. I get a lot of spirits who want to connect and do not necessarily have particular message as much as they just want to connect.
There still seems to be a certain social aspect to spirits I have found.

Explainiation on spirit manifestation evps and the afterlife

I am always being asked about spirit manifestation in my free psychic reading email.

When a spirit is attempting to manifest into this world it draws energy from the available electrical fields around it. this often causes a physical reaction that creates a chill down our spine or causes the hair to stand up on the back of our neck. This can make us very uncomforatble and be a frightening experience if we do not understand what is happening. This is one reason so may people who have experienced spirit manifestation are so frightened by it..

But spirit manifestation is rarely a situation that can put the living in any actual danger.. Quite the opposite, it can be quite enlightening if we learn to overcome our initial reaction.. Most spirits do not want to frighten us. They are often simply trying to interact in the physical world in order to get a message across to, or be close to, someone or some plac, they loved when they were living in the physical world..

I get flashes that something is about to happen right before someone dies

People often ask me about their experiences with precognition in my free psychic question email. Here is how I explain this phenomena.

I recently have been having dreams of people I love dying. About 4 months ago I had a dream my grandmother died and my grandfather was holding her head and couldn't call an ambulance because he was so shocked, that he forgot the address of the house. About 1 week after that dream my grandmother died and my grandfather said he was holding her head and didn't remember the address. The night after her death, I had a dream that my grandfather died, and about 2 weeks later he died. This has happened to me many times with many of my loved one, including my step-sister's grandmother. I don't know if I can see things coming in the future, or what it is that I am and why I am able to see these things. Please help.

How do I remove an unwanted spirit / ghost from my home

I get so many requests to remove unwanted spirits in my free psychic question email, that I decided to explain how you can do this yourself. all it takes is a little bit of
practice in raising psychic energy.

We have a ghost /spirit in our house and it is active in a way that makes us uncomfortable

How do we make it go away?



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