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My career and finances are in a mess and I am swimming in debts

Good day Joan,

God bless you on all that you do to help people who need it and thank you for offering the free psychic reading!
My career and finances are in a mess and I am swimming in debts.
My main question is whether I am going to come out of this situation okay or if there is more serious trouble ahead for me. I fear negative things being exposed about me, losing my job or getting in trouble with the authorities and people I owe.
Please shed some light on this for me...

It is NOT End of the world

The 2012 "disaster" theory is a hoax. There is no world wide disaster happening this year...
The Mayans stopped their calender calculations at 2012 because it made no sense to continue on for any longer.... Not because it was going to be the end of the world, but it was just too far into the future for them to keep making their calculations...
You have a long life in front of you. I suggest that you look into what you want as a future career, rather than worry about the end of the world:)
There is an issue of global warming that is making the weather a bit weird. This is having some obvious effect, but it is not the end of the world, It is bad weather. We can and will survive. As for earthquakes, they happen all the time and as they have in the past... We are just hearing about them as as we now have more advanced forms of measuring them as well as communication about them, than ever before in the past..

Concept of Karma

I have seen in my free psychic question emails that many people are confused as to the roles that karma plays in our lives. So I have given you a brief history here of where the idea of karma came from.

The concept of Karma originated with originated in the shramana tradition which led to Buddhism and Jainism who adopted the idea into their beliefs. It later was adopted by the Brahmanic religion in India the 1st millennium BC. The Brahmins wrote the first recorded scriptures containing these ideas in the early Upanishads. The idea was that an individual cycles back and forth between the earth and the spirit realm of ancestors.

Initially, the idea was that moral behavior has no influence on rebirth.
The idea that one's actions directly influenced one's rebirth did not appear until much later when the Brahmins adopted this idea from other religious groups.

Misnomers about psychics seeing the future

I am continually barraged with questions such as " who will I marry" or " Who Am I supposed to be with?" in my free psychic question emails. So many people want to believe that their futures and loves are predestined and set out for them.

I am here to tell you that this is just not the case.. There are probabilities that psychics see when peering into the ethereal, but for the most part, your future is determined by the choices you make.
Yes, there are "probabilities" and strong potentials, but as I always say"Destiny is a potential, not a promise."
What a good psychic does is to look at the choices you have made so far and tell you where that is taking you as well as guide you into making the right choices to reach the best future possible.
To be able to foresee potential stumbling blocks along the way, so you can avoid these mistakes and have a better outcome..

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