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How do I remove a toxic person from my life?


I have this friend who has been causing a lot of problems for me and I would like some sort of direction as to what to do about her.
She has been having an affair on her husband with my partners brother and lately I feel as though she is trying to get close
to a lot of my other friends to turn them all against me.
We had a bit of an argument a few weeks ago and she blamed me for her "relationship" break up with my brother-in-law.
We patched things up but I still feel very uneasy about her. She has caused a lot of problems for me and I feel like I need
to rid her of my life somehow, I just don't know how and I would like to do it as easily as possible without causing any more problems.
Shes a very toxic person and its really starting to consume every little ounce of me, and I am starting to get annoyed and tired of her behavior.

If there is something, anything you can do to help me, I would really appreciate it.

I met a guy on a sex site and now I am in love with him


I went on a site to meet men just for sex. I found someone I really enjoy spending time with, but he seems like he only wants me for sex.

Is there any way I can have a real romantic relationship with him. I have been seeing him for seven months.


I have had this one in my free psychic question email a few times and it always seems to end up in the same way

I have reconnected with my ex. How can I make it work?

My BF of eighteen months and I broke up three months ago and we have not talked until recently. He calls every few days and wants to get together next week. Do we have a chance of reuniting and if so, how do I handle things so it happens?

This happens a lot in relationships. As it comes time for the couple to either make a commitment or move on. One often has doubts and breaks up with the other. Sometimes it comes from a power struggle, sometimes it comes from a doubt that they might be able to find someone better. This is quite common in men as their "hunter instinct" makes them want to examine all their options before making a commitment. Some times they were just not ready for a commitment at that time.

Once they have had that final opportunity to see what their options are and realize that your are in fact good for them, they find that they miss you and fear that they might loose you.

Guy friend says he does not want a romantic relationship. I still do.

I just want to know if I should wait around for a guy that is my friend who claims he doesn't feel nothing, but in my heart I know its something. We have been friends for five years and we like to hang out and do stuff together. He has dated other girls but it has never lasted for him. I just know that if I wait for him he will finally realize that I am the girl for him and we can be together forever.

Why women stay in abusive relationships

Sometimes It is so hard to let go of a relationship that that you have been in for so long, even if it was toxic.
Nature made it that way so women would stay with men and have and rise children. Nature can be cruel sometimes. That is why it is so painful to let go even when you know it is the best thing to do. We become chemically bonded to the ones we love. Studies have shown that when we love someone, our brains show strong activity ( under MRI scans) that are exactly in the same place and exactly the same sort of activity that cocaine users brains do when they are using cocaine.
So nature made love like a drug addiction for us..
It is really, really, painful to let go of..
Nature made it almost a"punishment" for women to be alone. We become depressed, sad, lonely, often to the point of feeling like it is better to stay in a difficult relationship that to be alone.

My ex returned years,wants to spend time,says no to relationship

My ex boyfriend recently made contact with me after being apart for almost two years, he contacted me because he heard I had lost my job.

I had no feelings but friendship for him at first and now all those old feelings are coming back.

He says he only wants to be friends but I can swear he feels more for me than friendship.

He says he knows he treated me badly in the past and messed up and it was his loss.

Here is an opportunity for me to get back together and start afresh and put the past behind us but he seems reluctant - why

He has missed you but needs to feel like he has to chase you. If you try to move too fast he will pull away. This is just the way he is. You do

My boyfriend breaks up with me says I don't show him love

My boyfriend constantly does this push and pull on and off thing . He constantly needs reassurance about how I felt about him and if i don't say what he wanted to hear he becomes distant, starts an argument, and breaks up with me. A couple of days later he will come back and say he missed me he wants to be with and I take him back. which I do because I do love him. About 2 weeks ago he ended up telling me he was in love me and than less than a week later started acting distant and broke up with me saying that me not telling him i loved him back was the nail in the coffin....but i did say it back. Is he just using that as an excuse to maybe start seeing someone else or will he eventually man up, contact me,and tell me how he feels? Or does he want me to chase him because i honestly am not doing that. Please help! Please answer my free psychic question.


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