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Easy Love Spell

This spell is an easy one so you can do it on a daily basis if you choose. Remember to ask your free psychic question.

First find a quite place to sit and then begin by envisioning yourself drawing life energy
( that which connects us all) up from the earth, through the base of our spine and then through our center of our bodies, our sex, our belly, our solar plexus and our hearts, our throats out third eye and have it spill out through the top of our head to surround our body in an egg of white light.

Then use your finger to direct the white light to create a sphere around the area you are sitting in to protect you from any outside influences.

Now visualize the perfect feeling of love that you can reciprocate. It must be something that you consider to be a healthy relationship and in your mind ( or out loud) start asking for it. Be very specific as to what you want in a love.

How to raise energy for your spells

Here is a practice we call "grounding". It is a way to raise energy by connecting into the earth life force.
Take many deep breaths, breath in to the count of four and breath out to the count of four.
Focus on feeling the life energy running through your body. It feels like a warm electric current running through your skin muscles and nerves. It is a warm tingly feeling.

Now feel your life energy, connecting to the earth through your sex center.. Let it run down through your body and connect to the earth through your sex.
As sex is the creator of life it is the place to connect to the life energy that is connected to all living things. All inanimate things as well, but that is for another time.
Use your breath to connect your life energy to the earth through focusing on your sex and using it to push your energy into the ground through your legs.

Manifestation Ritual

I am probably the only online psychic who will do a spell with you over the phone. The point is that when two people mix energy together it can be very, very powerful. I have a lot of experience doing energy work with others. Because of this, I also know what will work for the benefit of your goals and what may not be so good... I only use white light, positive energy and never use dark forces....The way I do my energy work makes it safe for you so that no negative forces can have access to your being To achieve this, creating the psychic circle of protection is very important... You will need your list, a bowl of water, a bowl of salt, a knife, a cup of red wine (if you indulge) and music that will put you in the mood for a trance, Place any items you may have that will be relevant to the goal we will be focusing on, in front of you. we use them as a link to your goal.. Have both the bowl of water and salt with the knife laid ready. Behind the bowls have the red candles for love.

I have harassed my ex with calls and texts to the point he will not talk to me. Will a spell bring him back?

This is a common situation I get in my free psychic reading email
My boyfriend broke up with me and I missed him so much I kept texting and calling him to come back. Now he says that he never wants to hear from me and hates me. He has also blocked my number.. Will a love spell bring him back?


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