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It is important that you understand that there are choices. I can often perceive what your best choices may be to help you reach the best possible outcome. My Grandmother taught my Mother to read palms and tea leaves. My mother in turn taught me. One of the exercises we practiced involved clearing our minds and visualizing a blank screen... Watching, as a casual observer, the scenes that came across. Through this practice, I have been able to focus on the subject of my reading and gain great insights as to the forces involved in their situation.As children, we were taught to connect with our subconscious minds in a variety of ways. This included the pendulum meditation, also used as a means of divination and dream interpretation. Every morning, at breakfast, we were asked what we had dreamt the night before. We were then guided to understand the symbology that our subconscious mind used to express itself to our conscious mind. This is quite helpful, as I have found that when one is in tune with the subconscious one gains insight into things that the conscious mind doesn't always perceive, as its purpose is to focus on the material world.

Joan grew up on a ranch in Texas with her family who have a long history of clairvoyance. Her closeness to nature and intelligence have enhanced her talents and allowed her to tap into both spirit and intuition like no other. A true spiritual counselor, Joan uses the tarot, meditation, and astrology as tools to help you understand and solve problems that are holding you back in your real life. Here is a description of her evolution as a psychic, in her own words: I am a third generation clairvoyant. There is a talent that runs in my family to perceive the "unseen" . I am able to focus my attention on the life force that connects us all. I am then able to use that force, to connect with you and see what is happening in your life. Time and space are of little importance, as within the ethereal, one can often see backward and forward in time.

At the age of 16, I found myself strongly drawn to the Tarot Cards. Over the years, I have found the Tarot to be a great medium to connect with my client and gain further insights as to what was and could be happening in their lives. I have strong emphatic abilities that come through my heart and solar plexus chakras. I am often able to feel the emotions of others. This has been very helpful in questions concerning relationships and determining the intentions and true emotions of those involved. I do believe that the future is in our control. I focus on helping my clients understand the forces at play and potential outcomes to the choices they might make in order to take control of their own destinies.

I allow you to ask me one free psychic question to give you an opportunity to test my connection with you. Always, caring, gentle and non judgmental, I am talented in giving psychic advice and intuitive direction to help you choose the best path to create the future you want. However, I do not tell you your future, I give you choices of actions so you can choose your own future. I am not a fortuneteller but a fortune planner. By foreseeing the events in your life and the directions they can take, I empower you to make better choices to bring about he outcome you desire, teaching you that in many ways, you do have control over your own fate.

I will give you a brief explanation on foreseeing the future. Things I have foreseen for myself were usually when I was at a crossroads and a choice had to be made. If one course of action was taken, things would turn out a certain way, if another choice were taken, then things would be different. The point here is we create our own future based on choice... Destiny is not a promise, it is a potential... I am consistently annoyed by bad Hollywood movies that portray psychics as all knowing witches who tell your destiny is set in stone. We are not. There is always the issue of free will. First of all we were given free will so we can decide out own future. Most things are not set in stone until we decide on an action to take. From there it is easy for a psychic to see where things are going. But you must make a choice. There are choices in life. You have more than one potential. When one asks for an answer and expects that things will turn out just one way, they are not being realistic. The future is not constant but subject to change, depending on free will and the choices made along the way.

When asking a question in your free psychic reading please take into account that you have a choice to make in life to determine the outcome.

So when you ask for your free psychic reading ask about the actions you can take.

How psychic ability works

A good psychic is able to sort through the mayhem that exists when your subconscious mind is filtering all the information that your conscious mind receives. Most of the time your mind only is able to process what you need to deal with the physical world. A good psychic is able to process more. We often see or hear details from the lives and situations of other people. As there is such a thing as free will, looking into the future can be tricky. We can see probabilities, paths you may take, but the ultimate choice is up to you. I can give you a heads up to the things that you CAN change, using your own free will. Rather than me giving you some prediction and saying that I know all and this is destined to happen not matter what. You have control over your future.... I intend my readings to be informative as to what actions are best for you to take to achieve the results that you desire. I offer you this free reading so you can test my connection to you. It will give you the answers you need to set you on the right path to manifest the results that will lead you on the best possible path in both life and love...

Finding and keeping the right love is such an important part of life. Even if you feel that love may not be in the cards for you, let me help you choose a course of action, a way to creating and projecting the right energy that will bring love into your life to make it more fulfilling.

Are you wondering if you have lost that one special love for good?

Astrology gives us a good view of what energy will be affecting us at any given time. I do find a certain amount of accuracy in astrological readings. However, we also have the choice as to how we use those energies, those potential opportunities. Astrology does not always tell us what is fated to be, but what opportunities that might present themselves so we can be prepared to take advantage of the good and be able to avoid the negative when it is has a possibility of entering our lives.

Being aware of your astrological cycles will help you to plan better. It also will help you understand the strengths and challenges in romantic relationships. This is why I find Astrological compatibility charts as well as astrological romantic compatibility profiles to be so helpful.

A progresses astrological relationship report will help you understand the forces at play within your relationship at any given time. For more information ask me about these reports.

I have been giving out love advice for over sixteen years. I love love and love giving out love advice. I have had great success in reuniting lovers who have been separated and will give you a plan that will help you approach the situation in a new way that can salvage what might seem to be a hopeless situation.

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